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TBG Business Center

Business Formation & Acquisitions
At The Berry Group, we guide our clients through the art of doing business, from acquisition or formation, to risk mitigation, to litigation, if it becomes necessary. Proper tax treatment and liability avoidance are the hallmarks of any long-term, successful business. We always look to build a solid foundation by reviewing and revising existing internal management structures or constructing innovative structures for newly formed business entities.

Whether you need assistance in obtaining licenses, permits, or drafting personnel policies, our relationships in the business community and experience representing countless other businesses will serve you well. Perhaps most importantly, our objective is more than providing superior legal services. Our purpose is to become trusted advisors that you will depend upon now and in the future.

Compliance, Risk Mitigation & Audits
In this era of corporate accountability, due diligence is paramount. A mere allegation of impropriety can do irreparable harm to a business reputation. The aim is to identify potential exposure to liability or non-compliance and resolve the deficiency before it is exposed. That is why The Berry Group stands prepared to provide independent, third party compliance audits that can withstand even the most thorough examination. The advantages of having The Berry Group conduct your compliance audits include:

  • A professional and unbiased review, designed to arm you with all the relevant facts and best-practices;
  • Efficient and effective audits, conducted in a manner designed to quickly identify and minimize any potential exposure to liability or financial consequence;
  • Since our audits are conducted by licensed attorneys, your investigation is considered “work-product” and privileged. In other words, your investigation remains confidential unless or until you want it published;
  • Our attorneys are available to testify, for you, about our credentials, the findings and quality of the audit, at any potential trial or administrative hearings.

At all times, the goal of The Berry Group is to gather all the facts, assess the risk, and provide you with an objective analysis, so that you can make informed strategic decisions, mitigate your risks, and remain above the fray.

Employee Education
Employee education is an essential component to achieving success for any organization. Two areas of law in which training is recommended are sexual harassment and ethics. Sexual harassment education is highly recommended because of a recent Supreme Court ruling where the court declared that an employer can be held liable for sexual harassment if the organization failed to exercise reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any such behavior in the workplace. An employer’s responsibility to exercise reasonable care includes ensuring that its supervisors and managers understand their responsibilities under the organization’s anti-harassment policy and complaint procedure.

Acquit verb To dismiss by the ruling by a judge that all or a portion of the plaintiff’s lawsuit is terminated (thrown out) at that point without further evidence or testimony. • • • ORIGIN 12th century, from Old French aquiter meaning ‘pay up, settle a claim.’