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TBG Civil Litigation

Personal Injury
Personal injury cases include any time that you suffer mental or physical injuries due to the actions of another. Examples include boating and motor vehicle accidents, injuries suffered by slipping or falling on the property of another, dog bites, wrongful death or any other harm caused by the negligent conduct of another person.

Insurance companies will often start gently and compassionately, but they are not in the business of settling with you for the full value of your injuries. You may tempt fate and try to negotiate with them, because we all know that few people set out to sue. However, it is a mistake not to consult with an attorney before speaking with insurance adjusters. Since your life has been disrupted, you are bound to be frustrated and want to get the whole matter behind you without understanding your legal rights—some of which will be forever barred after you accept a settlement.

If you have been injured, please call our office to discuss your case, so that you may be treated fairly and obtain the result that you deserve.

Real Estate Disputes
A real estate dispute necessarily effects your right to enjoy your private property. Whether you have a boundary dispute with a neighbor or a zoning issue with your town, we are experienced land use litigators who will zealously advance and defend your private interests.

Contract Disputes
The Berry Group handles a wide variety of contract disputes concerning contracts between businesses, employers/employees, and property owners/tenants. We are often called upon early in the drafting process to advise clients on contract language or to interpret contract provisions after a dispute occurs. Avoiding a dispute in the first instance, through proper contract construction, is always best, but protecting your interests once a dispute arises is critical to your bottom line.

Mitigation noun Reduction in the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something. • • • ORIGIN mid-14th century, from Latin mitigare meaning ‘to soften.’